SetFocus to a control on a subform - continuous form


I can use your help in getting the cursor back to a control on a continuous 
Subform.  The sub has two controls, Inv# and Amount.  I use the AfterUpdate 
on the Amount control to test whether the payment amount equals the invoice 
amount.  If the two are not the same, I prompt the user and would like to 
return the cursor to the Amount control on the last line in this multi-line 

6/8/2007 4:15:04 PM
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Here's the syntax you need in the 2 step process:

Me.SubFormControl.SetFocus                      '-- Set Focus to the
SubFormControl 1st
Me.SubFormControl.Form!ControlName.SetFocus '-- Now set Focus to the control
on SubForm
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdRecordsGoToLast           '-- And move to the new

The SubFormControl is the control that is displaying the SubForm on the
MainForm.  It is the control that has the LinkChild/MasterFields properties
on the data tab.

Rafi wrote:
>I can use your help in getting the cursor back to a control on a continuous 
>Subform.  The sub has two controls, Inv# and Amount.  I use the AfterUpdate 
>on the Amount control to test whether the payment amount equals the invoice 
>amount.  If the two are not the same, I prompt the user and would like to 
>return the cursor to the Amount control on the last line in this multi-line 

HTH - RuralGuy (RG for short) acXP WinXP Pro
Please post back to this forum so all may benefit.

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