Sending Current Data Record in Form

I have created a form which I want to be filled in and send via email.  I 
have uncovered the email commands but I am having issues in that when I make 
the call to fill the form, all my records are being filled-in WHEN I only 
want the current one to be generated.

How can I do this?

1/2/2008 8:46:04 PM
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bqs wrote:
> I have created a form which I want to be filled in and send via email.  I 
> have uncovered the email commands but I am having issues in that when I make 
> the call to fill the form, all my records are being filled-in WHEN I only 
> want the current one to be generated.
> How can I do this?

Are you limiting the current record with a "WHERE" clause in the SQL 
statement? Or using a form filter?

1/4/2008 12:41:01 AM

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Sorry, here's the data!!!
Work Order Sub Code Status Code Work Order # Asset Number MAJ 48 209996 248482 MAJ 10 242552 110140 MAJ 48 261283 266092 MAJ 10 262684 253321 MAJ 80 270587 250623 MAJ 90 278131 248482 MAJ 80 278132 248483 MAJ 80 278133 248484 MAJ 80 278137 248485 MAJ 91 312322 253966 MAJ 48 312534 254051 MAJ 48 324296 253287 MAJ 10 333233 253966 MAJ 80 333238 47488 MAJ 80 333296 47731 MAJ 90 333714 47415 MAJ 14 335426 2250 MAJ 04 335444 253317 MAJ 81 335816 254051 MAJ 10 336009 0 MAJ 91 336013 0 MAJ 48 336023 112957 MAJ 10 336409 46649 MAJ 14 337899 254074 MAJ 10 338720 47381 MAJ 10 338992 47488 MAJ 48 339020...