Print several reports based on criteria in a form

I am cross posting this in both the Forms and the Reports forums.

Let me apologize in advance because this is going to be somewhat
scattered and somewhat hypothetical at the moment because I don't have
a clue where to begin.  I will do my best to make it coherent.

I have a form (frmBids) with two sub forms (sbfBids & sbfBidSubs).
The main form has several fields regarding the Bid Proposal --- Bid
Contact, Bid Company, Due Date, Bid Contract (Prime or Sub), among
others.  The sbfBids subform is visible all the time.  This sub form
includes information on the work that is being requested to be
performed.  The sbfBidSubs is only visible if Bid Contract has 'SUB'
selected.  This sub form allows for the user to enter in other
companies that are bidding on the same bid proposal and my company
would be a sub contractor to one of these companies.

Ok so here is what I want to do with the form, now that I have all the
background information presented.

I want to be able to click a print button on the form and have it
print out a Bid Proposal report (rptBidProposal) and automatically
fill out all the information regarding the bid (Name, Company, Job,
Due Date, etc).  And if it is a sub contract, have it print the
information from the sbfBidSubs sub form.  Then repeat the report for
each name listed in the sub form.  So if the bid has 4 separate
companies listed in the sbfBidSubs sub form, I want it to
automatically print out four separate Bid Proposals, changing the
contact info for each of the companies.

I hope this makes sense and moreover, I hope there is someone out here
who can assist me.
Thank you in advance!

11/11/2007 3:14:22 AM
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