How to perform sum sum sum...

How to perform sumation within that particular item but the item is not
unique...means item 1 has its own quantity and same goes to item 2...but in
the same table...

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On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 05:28:12 GMT, "EMILYTAN via"
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>How to perform sumation within that particular item but the item is not
>unique...means item 1 has its own quantity and same goes to item 2...but in
>the same table...

Group By the item.

For a more detailed answer, please post a more detailed question (with a
description of your table).

             John W. Vinson [MVP]
4/17/2007 5:52:53 AM
ok...i create 2 table
First table :- item number and total qty 
second table:- item number, in qty and out qty

I created main form using the first table and then use second table to become
the subform.
Which means each subform will display only the related item according to the
item number.
This means each item can have in and out many time (in and out products).
Now i want to sum up the total qty just for that particular item number.
For example Mr A key in 6 qty for Item A. 
Then Mr B key in another 10 qty for item A.
So, i need a textbox to sum up the 16 qty. The sum will remain there forever
and will keep increasing....
Can help?
John W. Vinson wrote:
>>How to perform sumation within that particular item but the item is not
>>unique...means item 1 has its own quantity and same goes to item 2...but in
>>the same table...
>Group By the item.
>For a more detailed answer, please post a more detailed question (with a
>description of your table).
>             John W. Vinson [MVP]

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4/17/2007 7:06:21 AM

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