Combo values from query based on form fields

I am setting the values for a combo box in a form(s) via a query that 
'filters' the results with criteria based upon the values of other fields on 
the form. The combo is a field that is bound. However, this is giving all 
kinds of problems ranging from Access completely crashing to being asked for 
the parameter values of those criteria fields when closing the form. I have 
tried making the combo an unbound field and then setting the value of the 
bound field to that unbound field after update, but that still leads to the 
same issues. How can I do this?

As example - I have a form with ClientID, which the user selects and then 
based upon that I will populate the values of a combo box for events which 
selects all events attended by that client for which there is a charge. The 
user should then select the relevant event and the event number is then 
stored in the table underlying the form (which is recording payments made). 

The Row Select for the field Event is  SELECT Event.EventID, [EventTitle] & 
", " & [EventDate] AS EventTitleDate FROM Clients INNER JOIN (Event INNER 
JOIN EventAttendee ON Event.EventID=EventAttendee.EventId) ON 
Clients.ClientID=EventAttendee.ClientID WHERE (((EventAttendee.Paid)=False) 
And ((Event.EventCharge)>0) And 

The bound column is 1.

(I have two other forms doing similar things, the more complex one is form 
with a continous sub-form which contains a combo with a query behind that 
uses two other fields from the subform - if I just enter the main form a few 
times in succession it crashes Access!)

Any help gratefully received!!

1/26/2008 10:21:00 AM
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