Can we multiply two fields from two different forms without using a query.
Example from one table the value and from the second table the VAT(in order
when the VAT changes
to amend only the VAT field)
When I try it I'm getting error message.

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Why not use an unbound combo box to select the VAT tax rate on 1 form. Then 
you can multiply it in the AfterUpdate event of the combo. Alternatively it 
the VAT combo is bound to the table, if you are not using a continuous form 
or datasheet, you can just multiply the numbers as the control source of an 
unbound textbox.

Why would you not want to use a query though?
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP

"stevoo via" <u33586@uwe> wrote in message 
> Can we multiply two fields from two different forms without using a query.
> Example from one table the value and from the second table the VAT(in 
> order
> when the VAT changes
> to amend only the VAT field)
> When I try it I'm getting error message.
> Thanks
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5/8/2007 3:49:06 AM

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