Transfering Access 2000 file to Access 97

How do I save a Access 2000 file so it can be opened using 
Office 97 Access. Is it possible
1/28/2004 6:37:31 PM
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Hi Stewart,

You will need to convert it to Access 97 as follows:

- Select the menu option Tools > Database Utilities > Convert Database > To 
Access 97 file format

I hope this helps!  If you have additional questions on this topic, please 
respond back to this posting.


Eric Butts
Microsoft Access Support

"Microsoft Security Announcement: Have you installed the patch for 
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to insure you are current with all security patches, not just MS03-026."

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| How do I save a Access 2000 file so it can be opened using 
| Office 97 Access. Is it possible

1/28/2004 9:14:51 PM
>-----Original Message-----
>How do I save a Access 2000 file so it can be opened 
>Office 97 Access. Is it possible

You could try converting your Access 2000 file 
via "Convert to a prior version" under the TOOLS > 
DATABASE pull down menu.

1/30/2004 1:35:14 AM

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