reading .mdb in access 97 format

Pliz help me how can I be able to read a .mdb with access 97 or maybe
its impossible

4/5/2007 7:02:13 AM
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You are not giving us much to go on here... are you getting error messages?

If you have an Access .mdb file and you try to use Access  '97 to read it,
what happens?

It may be that the .mdb file was written with a newer version of Access ...
if so, you could either use a newer version of Access, or you could ask
whoever created the .mdb to re-save it in Access '97 format.


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"tace" <> wrote in message
> Pliz help me how can I be able to read a .mdb with access 97 or maybe
> its impossible

4/5/2007 12:54:41 PM
Generally, you need the same version of Access (or later) in order to read an
mdb file.

You can usually read EARLIER versions but not LATER versions. Therefore,
probably this is in a version later than Access97.

Check with your supplier of the mdb. They may be able to convert to an earlier
version (ie Access97), but unlike Word or Excel it might also need a lot of
testing even if they do (Access tends to be a lot more complex than, say, Word
or Excel, immediate apologies to experts in those fields!)

There is also "security" on many mdb's. Maybe you can't read it because you
are not "authorised" in terms of Access security. Only the person you got it
from could answer that. It would depend on what the error message is, was, or
may yet be.


"tace" <> wrote in message
> Pliz help me how can I be able to read a .mdb with access 97 or maybe
> its impossible

4/10/2007 7:03:57 AM

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