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I would like easy directions on how I can make numbers in 
one field, times it by 5.5% come up in the next field,and 
then total in the 3rd field.

11/5/2003 1:05:08 AM
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Create the field in the table that will store the numbers.
On the form (best displayed as a continuous form/fields horizontal on the
form) create a textbox field via the (ab|) on the toolbox. Open the field's
property window. Type the following in the 'control source'

Note: NumValue is the name of my field I created, so replace your field name
in its place.

Create a new textbox field in the 'Form Footer' section of your continous
form. In the 'control source' type the following:=Sum([NumValue])*0.055
Again, replace NumValue with your field name.

I use my continuous form as a subform on a main form. This will list each
record as well as the totals based on the main form record.

"lin" <> wrote in message
> Help!!!
> I would like easy directions on how I can make numbers in
> one field, times it by 5.5% come up in the next field,and
> then total in the 3rd field.

11/6/2003 10:49:10 PM

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