Access 2000 to Access 97 07-09-03

I have a small database in Access 2000 that consists only 
of tables.  I am trying to convert it to Access 97.  Every 
time i go to Tools, database utilities, convert database 
to a prior Access databaswe version, I get "invalid field 
data type".  What do I need to look for or do?
7/9/2003 6:33:44 PM
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Hi Deb,

Probably you have used Number(Decimal) fields, which don't exist in
Access 97. Change them to Number(Double) or Currency and things should
work OK.

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 11:33:44 -0700, "Deb Koplen" <>

>I have a small database in Access 2000 that consists only 
>of tables.  I am trying to convert it to Access 97.  Every 
>time i go to Tools, database utilities, convert database 
>to a prior Access databaswe version, I get "invalid field 
>data type".  What do I need to look for or do?

John Nurick [Microsoft Access MVP]

Please respond in the newgroup and not by email.
7/10/2003 5:38:14 AM
"Deb Koplen" <> escribi� en el mensaje
> I have a small database in Access 2000 that consists only
> of tables.  I am trying to convert it to Access 97.  Every
> time i go to Tools, database utilities, convert database
> to a prior Access databaswe version, I get "invalid field
> data type".  What do I need to look for or do?

7/18/2003 3:33:59 AM

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